Sunday, 24 August 2014

My new favourite cutter/mould

A little while ago, I bought a Petunia cutter set from the Pretty Witty Cakes online shop ( I have recently started to use it on some of my cake projects and I love it! It is such a simple but effective way of making flowers to add that pretty decorative touch! 

The cutter itself is a simple metal flower shape, which is actually quite nice on its own. Using some fondant, you cut out this shape and then move on to using the mould part.

As you can see, this has been well used - there is still icing sugar on it to stop the fondant sticking! So as you can guess, you sprinkle some icing sugar/corn flour or similar into the mould, and then place your pre-cut fondant onto one side and then close the other side together, squeezing the fondant in between. 

You then gently ease the now fully formed flower out of the mould, and dust the icing sugar/corn flour off using a small brush and voila! Try to leave them to dry on flower drying foam so that they hold their shape before applying them to your cake if possible.

Here are a selection of some Petunias that I have made recently for a dummy wedding cake that I am creating to have on display at fairs and events. So pretty!

Here are some examples of these Petunias on two of my recent cakes - one for my boyfriend's grandma's birthday, and one for my mum's retirement party. I dusted the pink Petunias with some edible glitter dust to give them a shimmer. The teal Petunias was bold enough by themselves!

As you can see, they are very effective on cakes to add some simple, but beautiful decoration. A firm favourite in my decorating tools!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Giant 60th Chocolate Cupcake - Pretty in pink!

Here is my most recent order for a customer at the end of last week. I forgot to share it sooner because of an event I co-ran with another local business on Saturday (which I will publish another post about soon!).

This is a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate icing and chocolate fingers as the base of the cupcake. It was decorated with fondant butterflies and fondant letters spelling out the message on the cake board, as well as the white chocolate numbers on sticks. 

Was really pleased with this one - pretty in pink!


So I have been inspired to start up my baking blog again by a friend of mine who has just started up her own blog (well worth a read! - Another friend of mine has also started a brilliant cooking blog (also well worth a read! - ), and there is also a brilliant well established blog written by another lovely friend of mine ( so lots of inspiration!

I used to write a blog on Tumblr but unfortunately that isn't widely accessible, so here we are! Welcome to the blog that will keep a record of the progress of my little business, but also showcase my cake creations!

Here is a photo of some Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes from my trip to London with a friend yesterday. So nice to eat someone else's cupcakes for a change! I will soon be back to showing mine, but just thought I would share these beauties for now. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you will join me along the way and enjoy my cake-y posts!